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Baseball Dog Cookie


100% handmade dog cookies for a special occasion or everyday spoiling of your pup. Once you taste these frosted cookies, you will never go back to processed dog treats again! BakeryDog cookies smell like they just came out of the oven and taste just as amazing - taste one yourself! Cookies are generally 2.5"-3" in diameter and can easily be broken up for smaller dogs.  

❤️ 100% HANDMADE WITH LOVE: Each cookie is cut, rolled, baked, dipped and frosted by hand in USA kitchens by BakeryDog chefs.

👄 EAT THEM WITH YOUR DOG: Our dog cookies are so pure, you can eat them too! We do!!

🍪 ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS: BakeryDog frosted cookies are made with the same ingredients as your cookies! Simple and healthy! Flour, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, yogurt frosting.

🐕 DOGS DO NOT TURN THESE DOWN: Even picky dogs love our treats! The smell of our fresh cookies is hard to resist.

📦 TESTED AND APPROVED BY THOUSANDS OF DOGS:  We've fed thousands of dogs these cookies for over 20 years!

Allergy information: BakeryDog gourmet & frosted cookies do contain wheat.  Cookie Ingredients: Flour, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, yogurt frosting.  Cookie Frosting Ingredients: Sugar, palm oil, whey powder, yogurt powder, whole milk powder, (lactic acid, citrus acid, bacterial powder).